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The Dreamiest Hallway: Rabbit-Motifs Abound

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Rabbit Decorating

Add some rabbit-motif pillows, a rabbit statue, and a little framed print. This would look great year-round in a mudroom or hallway.

Shopping Guide:

1. Rabbit Pillows

Rabbit Pillow

Pillow from the Etsy shop BelleandBoo

Rabbit Pillow

Pillow from the Etsy shop ElliottHeathDesigns

Rabbit Pillow

 (Also available with white rabbit) Pillow from the Etsy Shop NorthCountryComforts

2. Little Cast Iron Rabbit Figurine

Cast Iron Rabbit

Figurine from Whaling City Gifts

Cast Iron Rabbit

Figurine from Bellacor

Cast Iron Rabbits

Figurines from Amazon

3. Sweet Garden Statue

Rabbit Garden Statue

Statue from Kaccents

Rabbit Statue

Statue from Amazon

Rabbit Statue

Vintage Rabbit Statues from the Etsy shop CountryAnthropologie

4. Little Rabbit Print

Rabbit Print

From Polyvore

Rabbit Art

From the Etsy store Belleandboo

Rabbit Art

Rabbit Print from Anthropologie

Now just add some soft textures: blankets and scarfs in whisper-soft shades, dark woven baskets, and a distressed wood crate. So dreamy!

Object d’Art: Le Lapin

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Cute Things For Bunny Lovers

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Rabbit EarringsBunny Earrings

Rabbit-Themed Bed

Bed with Rabbit Motifs

Travel Dishware

Travel Dishware: Rabbit Themed

Rabbit iPhone Stand

Rabbit iPhone Stand

Cute bunny shirt

Cute Slouchy Bunny Sweater

All items (except the bed) found on Modcloth.

Bed available from here.

Home Decor for Rabbit People

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1. Doorknobs


2. Casserole Dish- I love how the bunny is in such a recognizable “loaf” pose.


3. Tea Towels


4. Cake and Cupcake Stand


5. Decorative Ceramic Rabbits


6. Salt and Pepper Shaker


7. Decorative Pillow

1. Available from Anthropologie

2.-7. Available from Pottery Barn

Look What I Found: A Brief Random Assortment

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Loyal Luxe Cabin

Loyal Luxe Pet Products

What I Like: Cardboard Cabins, Teepees, and Faux Bearskin Rugs

Okay, I’ll admit it. This brand doesn’t cater to rabbits, and yes, I photoshopped the rabbit over the cat on the picture (can’t you tell?). But frankly, what does it matter? I think it would be hilarious to see a rabbit sprawled out on a faux bearskin rug beside their own mini chalet or teepee. Plus they are a Canadian company (any other canadian bunny owners?).

Cute Little Rabbit Lamp

Roses and Radishes Rabbit Lamp

A subtle, tasteful hint you love bunnies. Just be careful your real bunnies can’t nibble the cords. :)

Cute Black Bunny T Gorgeous Rabbit Skirt hh2


What I like: Rabbit Themed Clothing

This Etsy seller says: “Welcome to my shop of hand drawn illustrations of rabbits, hares, Jackalopes and other creatures hand-silkscreened or custom painted with eco-friendly inks on vintage or sweatshop-free cotton clothing and accessories”. Everything is cute. And everything features rabbits.

These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things…

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Please click to enlarge! A few of my rabbit-inspired things…just for everyone to mull over. :) That shirt from Anthropologie is just too cute! Also, for those of you who can’t tell, the teal thing that looks like a necklace is actually a water-bottle holder.


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